22nd Swiss Transport Research Conference

STRC | 2022


Monte Verità, Ascona, Switzerland


May 18-20, 2022



IVT | Institute for Transport Planning and Systems, ETH Zurich


Speaker Affiliation Title Download
Guido Gentile Sapienza University Roma, Italy Challenges and opportunities in modeling traffic assignments PDF 2.4MB
Armin Seyfried Forschungszentrum Jülich GmbH, Germany Congestion and pushing at pedestrian bottlenecks PDF 7.5MB | PDF (with movies) 190.0MB
Erwin Wieland Swiss Federal Office of Roads ASTRA, Switzerland Automated driving – Mobility in 2050 PDF 2.0MB

All sessions

Speaker/s Affiliation Title Discussant Download
Adaimi, Mizrahi, Alahi EPFL Composite relationship fields with transformers for scene graph generation Pougala PDF 0.1MB
Anagnostopoulos EPFL A four-dimensional microscopic model for heterogeneous urban traffic Huang -
Ancel, Justen, Mathys ARE Developing a Swiss model for light commercial vehicles Sallard PDF 0.5MB
Ataç, Obrenović, Bierlaire EPFL & UNS Evaluating different strategies to solve rebalancing operations in carsharing systems Zwick PDF 3.3MB
Balać, Hörl, Schmid ETHZ & IRT SystemX Discrete choice modeling with anonymized data Balmer PDF 0.1MB
Ballo, Meyer de Freitas, Meister, Axhausen ETHZ The e-bike city as a radical shift towards zero-emission transport: Sustainable? Equitable? Desirable? Lichtin PDF 0.1MB
Balmer, Danalet, Mathys ARE Geodata-cleaning of the Swiss mobility and transport microcensus 2021 Balać PDF 5.7MB
Bi, Ye, Axhausen SEU & ETHZ Uncovering built environment influences on the integration of bike-sharing and the metro: Insights from topic modeling Saadatnejad PDF 0.1MB
Bresciani Miristice, Gentile, Corman UniRoma & ETHZ Extension of the hyper run assignment model to real-time passengers forecasting in congested transit networks considering dynamic service disruptions Nilsson ZIP 3.1MB
Chavoshi ETHZ Application of flocking control method on lane-free and direction-free movement of connected and automated vehicles Tsitsokas -
Chen - Learning the heterogeneity in large-scale urban networks for perimeter control and route guidance via integral reinforcement learning Tsitsokas -
Cortes Balcells, Bierlaire, Krueger EPFL & DTU SARS-CoV-2 epidemiological model based on socio-economic variables in Switzerland Salvadé PDF 3.0MB
Danalet, Ohnmacht, Erath, Mathys ARE, ITM, FHNW Attitudes towards transportation policy in Switzerland: A new choice experiment Kaddoura PDF 1.5MB
De Almeida Costa, Marra, Corman ETHZ Understanding public transport commuting trips from GPS tracking data Winkler PDF 2.0MB
Du, Makridis, Kouvelas NJTU & ETHZ Adaptive control with moving actuators at motorway bottlenecks with connected and automated vehicles Mousavi PDF 0.3MB
Fayed, Nilsson, Geroliminis EPFL On the equilibrium and pricing of ride-splitting services under privileged network usage strategies Kagho PDF 0.3MB
Felder ETHZ Choice set generation for large-scale cycling networks Marra ZIP 4.6MB
Gallo, Corman, Sacco ETHZ & UNIGE Real-time occupancy predictions of public transport vehicles Safadi PDF 1.0MB
Genser ETHZ Real-time traffic state estimation with the application of deep learning techniques Gallo -
Gioia, Bütikofer, Wüst ZHAW Generating timetables for a multi-linetype public transport offer based on a service intention including travel chains of customers Trepat PDF 0.7MB
Gramsch & Axhausen ETHZ Socially motivated travel and regular destination choice survey pre-test: Methods and results Manser PDF 0.9MB
Haering, Bongiovanni, Bierlaire EPFL A Benders decomposition for maximum simulated likelihood estimation of advanced discrete choice models Danalet PDF 0.4MB
Heimgartner, Schmid, Axhausen ETHZ Modeling home office preferences and the implications for transport demand Meister PDF 0.5MB
Hu, Yang, Axhausen Tongji & ETHZ AVs using Eqasim pipeline for Shanghai: Input and output data Kim PDF 0.1MB
Huang EPFL Context-aware train delay propagations: A graph attention network approach Du PDF 0.6MB
Huang, Zhu, Geroliminis, Hsu EPFL & POLYU A bi-level approach for vehicle relocating in mobility on-demand systems Kothari PDF 0.5MB
Jusup, Kirschner, Birchler, Curi, Bogunovic, Krause, Corman ETHZ & UCL Real-time railway (re-)scheduling without human-expert knowledge Spanninger PDF 0.5MB
Kaddoura, Masson, Hettinger, Unterfinger SBB An agent-based simulation approach to investigate the shift of Switzerland’s inland freight transport from road to rail Nold PDF 1.6MB
Kagho, Balać, Axhausen ETHZ Sensitivity analyses for ride-hailing and ridesharing modelling strategies Maljkovic PDF 0.3MB
Kim EPFL Urban parking lot occupancy monitoring with drone flights Hu -
Kothari & Alahi EPFL Social GANv2: Improved socially acceptable trajectories with safety-compliant generative adversarial networks Huang PDF 0.1MB
Krauss, Gnann, Burgert, Axhausen F-ISI & ETHZ Faster, greener, scooter? An assessment of shared e-scooter usage based on real-world driving data Ballo PDF 0.2MB
Kukić & Bierlaire EPFL One-step simulator for synthetic households generation Ancel -
Lichtin, Smith, Axhausen, Bernauer ETHZ Road pricing policy preferences in Switzerland Schmid PDF 3.2MB
Livingston ETHZ J-TAP: A new open-source framework for long-distance travel demand modelling Cortes Balcells -
Maljkovic, Nilsson, Geroliminis EPFL Learning how to price for rebalancing the electric ride hailing fleets Wang PDF 0.5MB
Manser, Stutzmann, Sieber, Bischoff, Bützberger SBB Agent-based simulation of mobility behaviour induced by working from home Gramsch PDF 8.6MB
Marra & Corman ETHZ Observing the effects of different disturbances on route choice in public transport Meyer de Freitas PDF 0.3MB
Meister ETHZ Modelling route choice of cyclists in Zurich - PDF 0.3MB
Mesaric ETHZ Filling gaps in GPS tracking data De Almeida Costa -
Meyer de Freitas & Axhausen ETHZ Cycling potentials in Switzerland: An assessment of its determinants using health survey data and first results Tchervenkov PDF 2.0MB
Mousavi, Bahrami, Kouvelas ETHZ Controller design for a mixed traffic system travelling at diffrent desired speeds Anagnostopoulos PDF 0.1MB
Nilsson & Geroliminis EPFL Dynamical macroscopic re-balancing of ride-hailing vehicles Bresciani Miristice PDF 0.5MB
Nold & Corman ETHZ Modelling realistic energy losses from variable efficiency and vehicle systems, in determining energy efficient train control l Gioia PDF 0.1MB
Ortelli, de Lapparent, Bierlaire HEIG & EPFL Dataset reduction for discrete choice models Livingston PDF 0.6MB
Pougala, Hillel, Bierlaire EPFL Parameter estimation for activity-based models Adaimi PDF 0.1MB
Rezvany, Hillel, Bierlaire EPFL Integrated in- and out-of-home scheduling framework: A utility optimization-based approach Kukić PDF 1.2MB
Saadatnejad, Ju, Alahi EPFL Pedestrian 3D bounding box prediction Zhang PDF 21.0MB
Safadi, Haddad, Geroliminis EPFL & Technion Traffic flow modeling and control of macroscopic fundamental diagrams for low-altitude air city transport Chen PDF 17.7MB
Sallard & Balać ETHZ Travel demand generation using Bayesian networks: An application to Switzerland Rezvany PDF 0.6MB
Salvadé, Hillel, Pougala, Haering, Bierlaire EPFL Representing location choice within activity-based models Ortelli PDF 0.3MB
Schatzmann ETHZ Modelling mobility tool ownership and usage in Switzerland Yan -
Schmid ETHZ The value of travel time (VTT) in Switzerland: A comparison between short- and long-term choice experiments Krauss -
Spanninger & Corman ETHZ Train delay predictions based on Bayesian networks including inter-train conflict dependencies Mordan PDF 0.2MB
Tchervenkov & Axhausen ETHZ Measuring parking search behaviour using GPS data Heimgartner PDF 0.2MB
Trepat, Leutwiler, Corman ETHZ Studying complexity of decomposition in railway traffic planning Haering PDF 0.5MB
Tsitsokas, Kouvelas, Geroliminis EPFL & ETHZ Two-layer adaptive signal control framework for large-scale dynamically-congested networks: Combining max-pressure and perimeter control Zheng PDF 0.2MB
Wang & Geroliminis EPFL Ride-sourcing fleet rebalancing with proactive and targeted pricing Fayed PDF 0.3MB
Winkler ETHZ Imputing work from home activities in GPS tracking data Mesaric -
Xiong, Bertoni, Mordan, Alahi EPFL Simple yet effective action recognition for autonomous driving - PDF 0.3MB
Yan & Corman ETHZ The development of a status prediction model for railway tracks from on-board monitoring data Zhu PDF 0.3MB
Zhang, Mittal, Djavadian, Twumasi-Boakye, Nie ETHZ, NW, Ford Motor Company RIde-hail VEhilce Routing (RIVER) as a congestion game Bi PDF 0.5MB
Zheng, Makridis, Kouvelas ETHZ Is calibration of car-following model on spacing enough for autonomous vehicles? Chavoshi PDF 0.5MB
Zhu & Geroliminis EPFL Empty vehicle repositioning in ride-hailing systems Schatzmann PDF 0.5MB
Zwick, Kuehnel, Axhausen ETHZ & MOIA Review on theoretical assessments and practical implementations of ride-pooling Ataç PDF 0.5MB