6th Swiss Transport Research Conference

STRC | 2006


Monte Verità, Ascona, Switzerland


March 15-17, 2006



IRE | Institute for Economic Research, Università della Svizzera italiana (USI)


Roman Rudel | mailto:roman.rudel@lu.unisi.ch


Speaker Title University Download
Prof. Claudio Minca Touring University of Newcastle N/A
Prof. Weert Canzler Infrastructure investments in a shrinking society Wissenschaftszentrum Berlin PDF 0.5MB
Prof. David Banister Sustainable urban development and transport The Bartlett School of Planning (UCL) PDF 3.1MB

All sessions

Speaker Title Download
Antonini & Bierlaire (EPFL) Modelling pedestrian interactions with discrete choice models PDF 0.7MB
Arnaud (EPFL) Towards a more sustainable modal and spatial split of freight traffic for crossing areas: the case of the transalpine freight traffic PDF 0.3MB
Arraigada & Partl (EMPA) Calculation of displacements from measured accelerations, analysis of two accelerometers and application on road engineering PDF 0.7MB
Balmer, Axhausen, Nagel (ETHZ, TU-Berlin) A demand generation framework for large scale micro simulations N/A
Beige & Axhausen (ETHZ) Long-term mobility decisions during the life course PDF 1.1MB
Bernard (ETHZ) Correlation of link travel speeds PDF 0.3MB
Bert, Chung, Dumont (EPFL) Traffic-project: Micro - macro combination PDF 0.2MB
Bhaskar, Chung, Dumont (EPFL) Study of vehicle noise for different operating conditions PDF 1.2MB
Bürgle (ETHZ) Household location choice model for the Greater Zurich area PDF 0.3MB
Charypar, Axhausen, Nagel (ETHZ, TU-Berlin) Implementing activity-based models: Accelerating the replanning process of agents using an evolution strategy N/A
Chevroulet (EPFL) Free public transport access to superstores in Japan: Who's in charge of what? N/A
Craviolini (UZH) Commuting behaviour as a part of lifestyle PDF 0.6MB
De Haan (ETHZ) Multi-agent modelling of the Swiss car market, and its potential reaction upon governmental incentive schemes to promote fuel-efficient cars N/A
Flamm (EPFL) The concept of personal network of usual places as a tool for analysing human activity spaces: a quantitative exploration PDF 2.1MB
Fosgerau & Bierlaire (DTRI, EPFL) Extending and testing mixtures of the multinomial logit model PDF 0.2MB
Frejinger & Bierlaire (EPFL) Capturing correlation in route choice models using subpaths and subnetworks PDF 0.4MB
Fries & Wichser (ETHZ) Cost and Strategies for Intermodal Transport between Eastern and Western Europe PDF 3.0MB
Hackney (ETHZ) Results of discrete choice models for long-distance travel based on the DATELINE survey PDF 0.7MB
Halsband & Hofmann (HSG) Provision and commercialization of information in freight traffic N/A
Hess, Axhausen, Polak (ETHZ, ICL) Distributional assumptions in Mixed Logit models N/A
Hess, Bierlaire, Polak (ETHZ, EPFL, ICL) Discrete mixtures models PDF 0.2MB
Hess, Vrtic, Axhausen (ETHZ) Comparative estimates of the value of time savings N/A
Iannone (UNI-Naples) A discrete choice model application for the Naples - Toulon sea motorways economic-technical feasibility evaluation N/A
Jemelin (EPFL) How do motorists react to long road works? The case of Glion Tunnel PDF 1.4MB
Kato & Mataumoto (UNI-Tokyo, JR) Joint resource allocation model of household members consisting of a husband, a wife and a child for non-work activities PDF 0.4MB
Lalive & Schmutzler (UZH) Competition for railway markets: The case of Baden-Württemberg PDF 0.2MB
Löchl (ETHZ) A hedonic rent price model for residential housing N/A
Löchl (ETHZ) Land use effects of road pricing - A literature review PDF 0.2MB
Maggi & Marti (USI, Ecoplan) Identifying the pure transport effect in regional development: An economic analysis for Switzerland N/A
Meister, Balmer, Axhausen, Nagel (ETHZ, TU-Berlin) planomat: a comprehensive scheduler for a large-scale multi-agent transportation simulation PDF 0.2MB
Müller (ETHZ) Modelling car size loyalty and car brand loyalty in Switzerland N/A
Nash (ETHZ) Design of effective public transportation systems PDF 0.4MB
Peters (ETHZ) Side effects of bonus payments designed to influence card choice behaviour N/A
Patterson, Ewing, Haider (EPFL) The first carrier choice survey for the Quebec City - Windsor corridor: Shipper preferences suggest uphill battle for increasing rail freight market share PDF 0.3MB
Reusser & Loukopoulos (ETHZ, GU) All aboard! Towards an assessment of sustainable development otions of railway stations PDF 1.4MB
Rudel (USI) Reduction potential of external costs of different vehicle categories in Ticino N/A
Rüetschi, Caduff, Timpf, Schulz, Wolff (UZH, KIT) Network routing by landmarks PDF 0.3MB
Santel (ETHZ) Traffic flow and accident occurence in construction zones on freeways PDF 2.5MB
Schiffmann (ETHZ) Communal road networks in Switzerland: Form of new Public Private Partnership (PPP) cooperations for the maintenance PDF 0.1MB
Spassov & Bierlaire, Merminod (EPFL) Bayesian approach for indoor pedestrian localisation PDF 0.1MB
Steiner (ZHW) A heuristic method for aircraft maintenance scheduling with variable constraints PDF 1.1MB
Steinmann & Kirchofer (Unibe) Exploring a particular relationship. Why the Swiss did hardly dismantle their rail network since World War II PDF 0.1MB
Tan (ITRA) SJDesigner: A powerful tool for signalised junction design PDF 2.3MB
Thémens & Bierlaire (EPFL) Solving singularity issues in the estimation of econometric models N/A
Trocmé (Buwal) Habitat fragmentation due to linear transportation infrastructure: An overview of mitigation measures in Switzerland N/A
Tschopp, Fröhlich, Axhausen (ETHZ) Accessibility development and its spatial impacts in Switzerland 1950 - 2000 PDF 0.3MB
Weimann & Barthels (HSL) A framework for routing systems in the supply chain. Including the structure of vehicle routing problems PDF 0.4MB
Zwanenburg (EPFL) Modelling degradation processes of switches and crossings for maintenance and renewal planning on the Swiss railway network PDF 0.7MB