18th Swiss Transport Research Conference

STRC | 2018


Monte Verità, Ascona, Switzerland


May 16-18, 2018



IVT | Institute for Transport Planning and Systems, ETH Zurich


Speaker Affiliation Title Download
Anna Nagurney Department of Operations and Information Management, Isenberg School of Management, University of Massachusetts Amherst Perishable product supply chain networks: The role of transportation PDF 14.3MB
Claudio Ruch Department of Mechanical and Process Engineering, ETH Zurich Autonomy and the future of urban mobility: Beyond the hype PDF 12.3MB
Caspar Chorus Department Engineering Systems and Services, TU Delft How to keep your AV on the moral high ground? An obfuscation-based model of decision-making by autonomous agents NA

All sessions

Speaker/s Affiliation Title Discussant Download
Adaimi & Alahi EPFL Learning nuisances to track pedestrians in autonomous vehicles Derboni PDF 0.7MB
Ambühl, Loder, Zheng, Menendez, Axhausen ETHZ Approximative network partitioning for MFDs from stationary sensor data Lamotte PDF 1.5MB
Becker, Guggisberg Bicudo, Axhausen ETHZ A MATSim 2015 scenario for Basel, Switzerland Molloy PDF 0.1MB
Bellocchi, Geroliminis, Latora EPFL Dynamical efficiency in multilayer transportation network Büchel PDF 0.8MB
Bolla, Held, Küng, Georges, Boulouchos EPFL Vehicle motion patterns for energy research: Comparison of annual mileage using vehicle- and person-based data Li PDF 0.8MB
Bortolomiol, Lurkin, Bierlaire EPFL Modelling competition in demand-based optimization models Paneque PDF 0.4MB
Bosina & Weidmann ETHZ Creating a generic model of the pedestrian fundamental diagram Wang PDF 1.5MB
Büchel & Corman ETHZ Modelling probability distributions of public transport travel time components Bellocchi PDF 3.5MB
Cellina, Simão, Mangili, Vermes, Granato SUPSI, USI, SparklingLabs Outcomes of a smart city living lab prompting low-carbon mobility patterns by a mobile app Romanski PDF 2.4MB
Danalet & Mathys ARE Mobility resources in Switzerland in 2015 Molyneaux PDF 1.4MB
Derboni, Rizzoli, Montemanni, Jamal, Kovacs, Cellina USI Challenges and opportunities in deploying a mobility platform integrating public transport and car-pooling services Adaimi PDF 1.1MB
Dubernet ETHZ Using passively collected data to investigate social travel Tchervenkov PDF 0.1MB
Fan, Gao, Axhausen, Sun SJTU, ETHZ Modeling travel shift behavior: A case study in Shanghai Schmid PDF 0.7MB
Garrick UConn The growth of rideshare in NYC neighborhoods and what it portends for the future of mobility Reck PDF 0.4MB
Guidon, Wicki, Bernauer, Axhausen ETHZ On the trade-off between proximity to social contacts and commuting time: Results from a residential location choice model Gao PDF 0.5MB
Held, Küng, Çabukoglu, Pareschi, Georges, Boulouchos ETHZ Future mobility demand estimation based on socio-demo-graphic information: A data-driven approach using machine learning algorithms Guidon PDF 1.3MB
Hillel, Bierlaire, Elshafie, Jin EPFL, CAM Validation of probabilistic classifiers Sifringer PDF 0.3MB
Hörl ETHZ An integrated simulation environment for autonomous mobility on demand in Zurich Métraillier PDF 0.1MB
Huang, Sun, Garrick, Axhausen SJTU, ETHZ Evaluating Shanghai's non-local vehicle restriction policy using the empirical macroscopic fundamental diagram Murashkin PDF 2.7MB
Ilahi & Axhausen ETHZ Population synthesis of Jakarta Fourie N/A
Janzen & Axhausen ETHZ Measuring long-distance travel Bolla PDF 0.3MB
Jeanbart, Molyneaux, Scarinci, Bierlaire EPFL Network design of moving walkways in transportation hubs Danalet PDF 5.6MB
Lamotte & Geroliminis EPFL (In)stability of departure time choice with the bottleneck model Ambühl PDF 0.8MB
Lederrey, Lurkin, Bierlaire EPFL SNM: Stochastic Newton Method for optimization of discrete choice models Hillel N/A
Li & Axhausen ETHZ Trip purpose imputation for taxi data Janzen PDF 0.4MB
Loder, Bressan, Ambühl, Bliemer, Menendez, Axhausen ETHZ, UofSydney, NYU Abu Dhabi Modeling multi-modal traffic in cities Tsitsokas N/A
Marra, H. Becker, Axhausen, Corman ETHZ Multimodal passive tracking of passengers to analyse public transport use Dubernet PDF 5.0MB
Molloy & Axhausen ETHZ Microsimulation of time variant road pricing for Kanton Zug using MATSim Ilahi PDF 0.1MB
Molyneaux, Scarinci, Bierlaire ETHZ Two management strategies for improving passenger transfer experience in train stations Schneider PDF 0.3MB
Murashkin EPFL Approximating the dynamics of number of vehicles in a zone with homogeneous speed Huang PDF 0.1MB
Paneque, Gendron, Lurkin, Sharif Azadeh, Bierlaire EPFL, CIRRELT, EUR A Lagrangian relaxation technique for the demand-based benefit maximization problem Bortolomiol PDF 0.5MB
Reck & Axhausen ETHZ Should markets of autonomous taxis be regulated? Garrick PDF 0.4MB
Repoux, Kaspi, Boyaci, Geroliminis EPFL, LU On-line proactive relocation strategies station-based one-way car-sharing systems Sinner PDF 0.9MB
Métrailler & Lieberherr SBB, ttools Adding realism and efficiency to public transportation in MATSim Scherr PDF 0.3MB
Romanski, Adaimi, Alahi EPFL Forecasting human fine-grained behaviours Cellina PDF 1.0MB
Sarlas & Axhausen ETHZ Off-street residential parking and car ownership Schatzmann PDF 0.1MB
Schatzmann, Sarlas, Axhausen ETHZ Spatial modelling of origin-destination commuting flows in Switzerland Maggi PDF 0.6MB
Scherr, Bützberger, Frischknecht SBB Micro meets macro: A transport model architecture aiming at forecasting a passenger railway's future Hörl PDF 1.0MB
Schmid, Jokubauskaite, Aschauer, Peer, Hoessinger, Gerike, Jara-Diaz, Axhausen ETHZ, BOKU, WU, TU Dresden, uChile Simultaneous estimation of a joint time use, expenditure allocation and mode choice model for Austrian workers Held PDF 0.1MB
Schneider, Thurau, Krueger SBB Evaluating safety experience in train stations by using an innovative feedback app and stereo sensors Jeanbart PDF 0.5MB
Sifringer, Lurkin, Alahi EPFL Enhancing discrete choice models with neural networks Lederrey PDF 0.4MB
Sinner & Weidmann ETHZ Towards a functional, transport-market-oriented definition of regional traffic Repoux PDF 2.2MB
Sırmatel & Geroliminis EPFL Hybrid model predictive control of public transport operations Loder PDF 1.6MB
Tchervenkov & Molloy ETHZ Estimating externalities from GPS traces using MATSim Marra PDF 2.5MB
Tsitsokas, Saeedmanesh, Kouvelas, Geroliminis EPFL Optimal allocation of designated bus lanes in multi-modal urban networks Yang PDF 2.4MB
Turchetta, Makarova, Beyeler, Krause ETHZ Calibration of agent based transport simulations with multi-fidelity Bayesian optimization Métraillier PDF 0.1MB
Fourie, Ordonez, Maheshwari, Wang, Erath, Cairns, Axhausen SEC, ETHZ Urban planning for autonomous vehicles H. Becker PDF 0.1MB
Wang, Oyama, Scarinci, Bierlaire, Geroliminis EPFL Pedestrian activity schedule models: Review and promises Bosina PDF 1.7MB
Yang, He, Menendez ETHZ, NYU Abu Dhabi Control strategy for bi-modal highway lanes Sırmatel PDF 0.2MB