3rd Swiss Transport Research Conference

STRC | 2003


Monte Verità, Ascona, Switzerland


March 19-21, 2003



TRACE | Transportation Centre, EPF Lausanne


Tristan Chevroulet and Aymeric Sevestre


Speaker Title University Download
Stef Proost Charging for transport infrastructure use: Answers and questions CES - Energy, Transport and Environment, KU Leuven PDF 0.2MB
Olivier Michaud Prospective vision for a sustainable development of Swiss road transport: Infrastructure, new technologies or behavior N/A N/A
Kai Nagel Potentials of computing science in transportation: Research tool and applications Department of Computer Science, ETH Zurich PDF 1.2MB
Andy Gillespie Communications technologies, mobility and changing ways of living Centre for Urban & Regional Development Studies, NCL PDF 0.1MB

All sessions

Speaker Title Download
Arnaud (EPFL) Toward sustainable freight impact through the Alpsfreight traffic impacts considering environmental, social and economic sensitivities of crossed areas. PDF 0.5MB
Bierlaire (EPFL) BIOGEME: A free package for the estimation of discrete choice models PDF 0.8MB
Bergantino & Bolis (UNIBA, IRE) An Adaptive Conjoint Analysis of freight service alternatives: Evaluating the marittime alternative PDF 0.5MB
Cetin, Burri, Nagel (ETHZ) A large-scale multi-agent traffic microsimulation based on queue model PDF 0.5MB
Charypar & Nagel (ETHZ) Activity scheduling using a genetic algorithm N/A
Chevroulet (EPFL) PROSUM: A tool for thinking up and managing sustainable transport projects PDF 1.2MB
Crittin & Bierlaire (EPFL) Solving the anticipatory route guidance generation problem using a generalization of secant methods PDF 0.5MB
Crittin & Bierlaire (EPFL) A generalization of secant methods for solving nonlinear systems of equations PDF 0.2MB
Cuche & Kloth (ASTRA, Ernst Basler + Partner AG) KABEWISTRA: Capacity management for the swiss network of national trunk roads PDF 0.3MB
Cuche, Walter, Gubler, Sommer (OFROU, Ecoplan) Nistra PDF 0.2MB
Fonou (EPFL) Global customer management in the logistics industry: An overview and outlook PDF 0.4MB
Frick (ETHZ) Generating synthetic populations using Monte-Carlo techniques N/A
Fröhlich (ETHZ) Induced Traffic: Review of the explanatory models PDF 0.1MB
Geiger (EPFL) The future of mobility plans at the site level PDF 0.2MB
Gilliéron & Konnen (EPFL, INSER) Enhanced navigation system for road telematics PDF 0.3MB
Gloor, Mauron, Nagel (ETHZ) A pedestrian simulation for hiking in the Alps PDF 0.7MB
Harms (EAWAG) From routine choice to rational decision making between mobility alternatives PDF 0.7MB
Hasler CARLOS - A new solution in integrated public transport N/A
Jost & Nagel (ETHZ) Traffic jam dynamics in traffic flow models PDF 0.8MB
König (ETHZ) Time is money - The valuation of swiss travel times and travel time variability PDF 0.8MB
Konnen & Robert-Grandpierre (RGR, INSER) TMP-CH: Traffic management plans, a pilot sudy for western Switzerland PDF 1.2MB
Liaudat & Torrent (EPFL) Observatoire des mobilités pour les grandes manifestations PDF 0.8MB
Maggi Voting by Speed: Federalism and the Political Economy of Transport N/A
Marchal (ETHZ) Integrating time of use in large scale traffic simulations PDF 0.9MB
Molyneaux, Leyland, Favrat (EPFL) Multi-objective optimisation of vehicle drivetrains PDF 1.7MB
Putallaz & Rivier (EPFL) Modelling long term infrastructure capacity evolution and policy assessment regarding infrastructure maintenance and renewal PDF 0.6MB
Raab, Poulikakos, Partl, Heutschi, Anderegg (EMPA) Swiss contribution to Eureka Logchain Footprint E!2486 PDF 0.5MB
Rhyner, Margreth, Ammann Risks associated with winter opening of alpine pass roads, lesson from the Gotthard tunnel fire 2001 N/A
Raney & Nagel (ETHZ) An agent-based simulation model of swiss travel: First results PDF 1.0MB
Rossel (EPFL) Exploring the rebound-effect of information technologies on mobility systems: Clues for a blueprint PDF 0.3MB
Rudel (USI) Fiscal regimes and environmental goals in the european transport policy PDF 0.2MB
Schönfelder & Samaga (ETHZ, TU Dresden) Where do you want to go today? - More observations on daily mobility PDF 1.0MB
Shojaati (ETHZ) Correlation between injury risk and impact severity index ASI PDF 0.1MB
Simma (ARE) History of the swiss travel surveys PDF 1.0MB
Spada, Bierlaire, Liebling (EPFL) Decision-aid Methodology for the School Bus Routing and Scheduling Problem PDF 0.5MB
Spielmann Integrating Life Cycle Assessment and Formative Scenario Analysis for the Environmental Assessment of Future Transport Systems N/A
de Tilière, Emery, Curchod (ALSTOM, EPFL) Managing Systemic Innovations in rail systems: Case of ERTMS technologies PDF 0.1MB
Tille & Dumont (EPFL) Methods of multicriteria decision analysis within the road projects like an element of the sustainability PDF 1.0MB
Torday, Baumann, Dumont (EPFL) Indicator for microsimulation-based safety evaluation PDF 0.3MB
Torday & Dumont (EPFL) Link travel time estimation with probe vehicles in signalised network PDF 0.2MB
Tschopp, Fröhlich, Keller, Axhausen (ETHZ) Accessibility, Spatial Organisation and Demography in Switzerland through 1920 to 2000: First results PDF 0.3MB