7th Swiss Transport Research Conference

STRC | 2007


Monte Verità, Ascona, Switzerland


September 12-14, 2007



TRACE | Transportation Center, EPF Lausanne


Zachary Patterson | mailto:zachary.patterson@epfl.ch


Speaker Title University Download
Prof. Joan Walker Measuring unobservables in transport models Boston University PDF 0.7MB
Prof. Eddy van de Voorde Which way to the sea: Landlocked countries, sea transport and port competition Mobility Academy, Switzerland PDF 0.4MB
Prof. Staffan Algers The Stockholm congestion charging trial KTH - Royal Institute of Technology PDF 2.6MB

All sessions

Speaker Title Download
Alt (ETHZ) Investigation of space-time structures in public transport networks and their optimisation PDF 1.9MB
Anderhub & Dorbritz (ETHZ) How many passengers can public transport systems handle and how much do they handle- A new approach to capacity PDF 2.4MB
Bert, Chung, Dumont (EPFL) Dynamic Origin-Destination Matrices Estimation Method for urban networks PDF 0.5MB
Bhaskar, Chung, De Muzon, Dumont (EPFL) Travel Time Estimation on a Signalised Urban Networks using Cumulative Plot PDF 2.3MB
Bierlaire, Eggenberg, Salani (EPFL) Measuring Recovery of Disrupted Airline Schedule PDF 0.2MB
Bierlaire, Thémans, Zuffrey (EPFL, Laval) Nonlinear global optimization relevant to discrete choice models estimation PDF 0.3MB
Bodenmann (ETHZ) Company decisions on choice of location: Case study: St. Gallen region PDF 1.0MB
Charypar, Axhausen, Nagel (ETHZ, TU Berlin) Flow Characteristics of a Queue-Based Traffic Flow Microsimulation N/A
Chudak, Dos Santos Eleuterios, Nesterov (D-Wave Systems,  ETHZ, UCL) Static Traffic Assignment Problem: A Comparison between Beckmann (1956) and Nesterov & de Palma (1998) models PDF 1.0MB
Ciari, Balmer, Axhausen (ETHZ) Mobility Tool Ownership and Mode Choice Decision Processes in Multi-Agent Transportation Simulation PDF 1.0MB
Curchod (EPFL) Analysis of timetable stability and delays resulting of track maintenance works by means of simulation PDF 0.5MB
van Eggermond, Schüssler, Axhausen (ETHZ): Consumer choice behavior and strategies of air transportation providers PDF 0.2MB
Erath (ETHZ) Graph-theoretical analysis of the Swiss railway and road networks over time PDF 0.5MB
Flamm, Jemelin, Kaufman (EPFL) Combining person based GPS tracking and prompted recall interviews for a comprehensive understanding of travel behaviour adaptation processes during life course transitions PDF 5.1MB
Frejinger & Bierlaire (EPFL) Random Sampling of Alternatives for Route Choice Modeling PDF 0.2MB
Fries (ETHZ) Labelling - A Path Towards Energy Efficiency in Freight Transport? PDF 0.3MB
de Haan, Peters, Mueller (ETHZ) Reducing CO2 emissions from passenger cars by promoting energy-efficiency PDF 0.1MB
Hackney (ETHZ) Social networks in transportation microsimulations PDF 0.3MB
Johner & Luethi (Emch+Berger, ETHZ) The Train Departure Process and its Impact on the Rail Network Performance PDF 10.7MB
Kato, Imai, Axhausen (UNI-Tokyo, ETHZ) Value of Travel Time Savings of Urban Private Travel: Comparison of Tokyo and Karlsruhe PDF 0.1MB
Lefebvre & Balmer (ETHZ) Fast shortest path computation in time-dependent traffic networks PDF 0.5MB
Leyvraz, Bierlaire, Paulus (EPFL) Tools to evaluate future actions on the traffic in Lausanne PDF 0.1MB
Littlejohn & Joly (EPFL, LETS) The Daily Duration of Transportation: An Econometric and Sociological Approach PDF 0.6MB
Loechl (ETHZ) Considering spatial dependence in hedonicrent price regression PDF 0.8MB
Mahadevan (ETHZ) Describing and Evaluating Train Services on the Swiss Railway Network from a New Perspective PDF 1.6MB
Maksim, Gallez, Kaufman (EPFL, INRETS) Evolution of transport and urban planning policy in Switzerland and France: Case studies of Geneva and Strasbour PDF 0.4MB
Markianidou (TransportNET) Deindustrialisation and its consequences on Seaborne Trade PDF 0.4MB
Meister, Charypar, Lefebvre et al. (ETHZ) An agent-based model of travel demand of all of Switzerland PDF 5.2MB
Mueller & de Haan (ETHZ) Technology diffusion of alternative vehicle technologies: What can be learned from a simple agent-based model? N/A
Osorio & Bierlaire (EPFL) Describing network congestion and blocking with an analytic queueing network model PDF 0.5MB
Patterson & Bierlaire (EPFL) An UrbanSim Model of Brussels within a Short Timeline PDF 0.6MB
Pham, Chung, Dumont (EPFL) Applicability of road safety indicators to assess driving risks in Swiss road conditions PDF 1.1MB
Peters & de Haan (ETHZ) Psychological determinants of car purchase behavior N/A
Putallaz (Oxand) Strategic Track Maintenance and Renewal Policy Making, Related to Socio-economic Aspects of the Availability N/A
Schiffmann (ETHZ) Performance-based specification for the operational and structural road maintenance of communal road network PDF 0.4MB
Schüssler & Axhausen (ETHZ) Recent developments regarding similarities in transport modelling PDF 0.4MB
Spassov, Bierlaire, Merminod (EPFL) Map-based Autonomous Personal Localisation Indoors PDF 0.4MB
Steiner, Philipp, Schmid (ZHAW, Savannah Simulations) Parameter Estimation for a Pedestrian Simulation Model PDF 0.5MB
Steiner & Sick (ZHAW) New Methods for Travel Time Estimation on Freeway Section PDF 3.2MB
Tanner & Leuenberger (Unibe) The Dynamics of Energy Demand of the Private Transportation Sector PDF 0.5MB
Vacca, Bierlaire, Salani (EPFL) Optimization at container terminal: Status, trends and perspectives PDF 0.5MB
Vitins & Axhausen (Rapp, ETHZ) Optimization of Large Transport Networks Using the Ant Colony Heuristic PDF 0.7MB
Weber (ETHZ) COST 352: Influence of Modern In-vehicle Information Systems on Road Safety Requirements PDF 0.1MB
Weis (ETHZ) An online travel diary survey among members of ETH Zurich PDF 3.9MB
Witter (TransportNet) The role of public urban transport in the context of social inclusion PDF 1.1MB
Zemp, Staffacher, Land, Scholz (ETHZ) Systemic perspectives on railway stations for sustainable transport and land us PDF 0.2MB
Zwanenburg (EPFL) The Swiss experience on the wear of railway switches and crossings Short abstract: Using databases of the Swiss Federal Railways PDF 0.4MB