12th Swiss Transport Research Conference

STRC | 2012


Monte Verità, Ascona, Switzerland


May 2-4, 2012



IMP-HSG | Institute for Systemic Management and Public Governance, University of St. Gallen


Christian Lässer | mailto:christian.laesser@unisg.ch


Speaker Title University Download
Prof. Harry Timmermans Advances in the development of non-utility-maximizing models of choice behavior in transportation research Eindhoven University of Technology PDF 5.8MB
André de Palma N/A Ecole Normale Supérieure de Cachan N/A
Prof. Konstantinos G. Zografos New directions in optimizing hazardous materials transportation decisions Athens University of Economics and Business PDF 1.1MB

All sessions

Speaker Title Download
Atasoy, Salani, Bierlaire (EPFL, IDSIA) An integrated fleet assignment and itinerary choice model for a new flexible aircraft PDF 0.2MB
Bodenmann & Vitins (ETHZ, regioConcept AG) Implementation of a land use transport interaction model for experimental game simulations PDF 0.8MB
Boyacı & Geroliminis (EPFL) Facility Location Problem for Emergency and On-Demand Transportation Systems PDF 0.9MB
Cao & Menendez (ETHZ) Accuracy study of parking duration data from patrol survey PDF 0.7MB
Chakirov & Erath (Singapore-ETH Centre) Overcoming challenges in road pricing design with an agent-based transport simulation PDF 0.2MB
Ciari (ETHZ) Why do people carpool? Results from a Swiss survey PDF 0.2MB
Densing, Turton, Bäuml (PSI, Volkswagen AG) Conditions for the successful deployment of electric vehicles – A global energy system perspective PDF 0.2MB
Dubernet & Axhausen (ETHZ) Including joint trips in a multi-agent transport simulation PDF 0.3MB
Eggermond, Erath, Axhausen (Singapore ETH-Centre, ETHZ) Object-fine choice models for long-term decisions: Which level of granularity is necessary? A review of literature PDF 0.2MB
Fourie (Singapore-ETH Centre) Towards a comprehensive agent-based simulation framework incorporating joint activity-scheduling and ride-sharing within households PDF 0.5MB
Ge & Menendez (ETHZ) Sensitivity Analysis for Calibrating VISSIM in Modeling the Zurich Network PDF 1.1MB
Glerum & Bierlaire (EPFL) Accounting for response behavior heterogeneity in the measurement of attitudes: an application to demand for electric vehicles PDF 0.4MB
Haddad & Geroliminis (EPFL) Capacity of arterials with left-turn queue spillbacks PDF 0.6MB
Hänseler, Farooq, Bierlaire (EPFL) Preliminary ideas for dynamic estimation of pedestrian origin-destination demand within train stations PDF 0.2MB
Harder (Rapp Trans AG) Working with multi-agent-models – Pro and cons for daily routine PDF 0.5MB
Horni & Axhausen (ETHZ) How to Improve MATSim Destination Choice For Discretionary Activities? PDF 1.8MB
Hurtubia, Bierlaire, Martínez (EPFL, UCHILE) Dynamic microsimulation of location choices with a quasi-equilibrium auction approach PDF 3.0MB
Ji & Geroliminis (EPFL) Modeling congestion propagation in urban transportation networks PDF 0.6MB
Koot, Kowald, Axhausen (TU Delft, ETHZ) Modelling behaviour during a large-scale evacuation PDF 4.6MB
Kumar & Bierlaire (EPFL) Optimizing Locations for a Vehicle Sharing System PDF 2.9MB
Lieberherr & Pritscher (SBB-Passengers) Capacity-restraint railway transport assignment at SBB-Passenger PDF 1.3MB
Lu (ETHZ) Exploring discrete choice model with fuzzy control theory PDF 1.3MB
Märki, Charypar, Axhausen (ETHZ) Validation of a Continuous Simulation Model for Daily Travel PDF 1.1MB
Montini, Horni, Rieser-Schüssler, Axhausen (ETHZ) Searching for Parking in GPS Data PDF 1.2MB
Mühlethaler (cabtus AG) Potential of car-pooling in Switzerland PDF 0.4MB
Müller & Axhausen (ETHZ) Preparing the Swiss Public-Use Sample for generating a synthetic population of Switzerland PDF 0.2MB
Ohnmacht, Rebmann, Brügger (ARE, FSO) Swiss Microcensus on Mobility and Transport 2010 PDF 3.1MB
Ortigosa, Menendez, Bodenbender (ETHZ) Link removal on a grid street network PDF 1.0MB
Ramezani, Haddad, Geroliminis (EPFL) Macroscopic Traffic Control of a Mixed Urban and Freeway Network PDF 0.4MB
Robenek, Umang, Bierlaire (EPFL) Integrated Berth Allocation and Yard Assignment in Bulk Ports using Column Generation PDF 0.4MB
Sahaleh, Bierlaire, Farooq, Danalet, Hänseler (EPFL) Scenario Analysis of Pedestrian Flow in Public Spaces PDF 2.0MB
Samoili & Dumont (EPFL) Framework for real-time traffic forecasting methodology under exogenous parameters PDF 0.4MB
Schirmer, Zöllig, Müller, Bodenmann, Axhausen (ETHZ) Landuse simulation on the Canton of Zurich using UrbanSim: Current State and First Run PDF 10.9MB
Umang & Bierlaire (EPFL) Real Time Recovery in Berth Allocation Problem in Bulk Ports PDF 0.4MB
Vitins & Axhausen (ETHZ) Shape Grammars for Intersection Type Choice in Road Network Generation PDF 1.0MB
Wüst & Steiner (ZHAW) A multi-component closed-loop control framework for rail traffic networks PDF 1.6MB
Yildirimoglu & Geroliminis (EPFL) Travel Time Estimation and Prediction in Freeway Systems PDF 1.6MB
Zheng & Geroliminis (EPFL) Optimizing the distribution of road space for urban multimodal congested networks PDF 0.4MB
Zöllig & Axhausen (ETHZ) Heterogeneity of real estate developers in Canton Zurich PDF 0.7MB